Top 5 Friday: Assassin’s Creed Time Periods I Need!

I love the Assassin’s Creed franchise for a lot of reasons.  I love the gameplay, the over-arching story of the series, and of course, I love the different time periods.  I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while now, so today I’ll be doing my top five most wanted Assassin’s Creed time periods.  If I’m lucky, maybe someone from Ubisoft will read this blog and make the next five AC games into the exact periods I’m hoping for…but probably not.

5.  The Wild West

Lately, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has done pretty well in terms of adding gameplay mechanics that you might not consider for an AC game (naval battles, for one).  I’d love to see how Ubisoft would do old-fashioned six-shooter dueling.  In a wild-west themed AC game, I’d see the player being a misunderstood outlaw, with a band of like-minded hoodlums.  They could bring back horseback riding, and continue to improve on the gunplay from AC 4.  Oh, and of course there would be a Templar / Sherrif chasing you from town to town as you steal, cheat at cards, and generally cause all manner of western themed trouble.

4.  1960’s Cold War Moscow

Let’s just bottom line this here, I want to be James Bond.  Any chance to play a game where I can be even remotely like James Bond, I’m in.  An Assassin’s Creed game set during the cold war, with the player as some type of Bond-like character would give the franchise an opportunity to really go nuts with some of the cool gadgets that assassin’s get.  Even more, they could play up that Bond angle, introducing some great femme-fatales, and villains who might be a bit more over-the-top than the traditional AC villains.

3.  Victorian London

I have a deep love for the gothic Victorian-era.  The lamp-lit, cobblestone streets, the apothecaries filled with little green bottles filled with god-knows-what.  It’s all so great.  If they did decide to do an Assassin’s Creed game set in this era though, I’d have to make a demand.  There would have to be some very heavy involvement from the creatures from the gothic era novels.  I need to fight Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, etc… Now, they don’t need to actually be supernatural, there can be some kind of explanation for it, but I just want to see those characters in the game.  Oh, and of course, you’ll get to stalk and catch Jack The Ripper.

2.  Feudal Japan

This is obviously a pretty popular one.  I don’t think many would argue that feudal Japan seems like an ideal backdrop for a game about stealth.  The thing is, using feudal Japan would be the perfect way to introduce some different stealth mechanics.  Obviously if you’ve played an Assassin’s Creed game, you know that the stealth is more of the ‘hiding in plain sight’ variety’.  Feudal Japan would afford the opportunity to be a true ninja, and therefore open up some new and interesting stealth mechanics for the games going forward.  Plus, ninjas!

1.  Prohibition Era Chicago

Admittedly, I’m a Chicagoan so it might not seem like that much of a stretch that I’d want to see this game, but I think the timeframe could make for a really interesting AC game.  The player would be a bootlegger, moving up the ranks in Chicago, with the Templar being the voice of abstinence.  Again, playing up the angle that the Templar will do anything to subvert free thought, the player would fight against this, but still try and keep peace in the streets.  Assassin’s Creed games never set up as a GTA style mad-man, so you’d have to walk the fine line of helping people get what they want, while still trying not to cause a bloodbath.  Oh, and of course Al Capone, obviously.