New Game Releases for May 19-25: Wolfenstein, Tropico, and more

The newest installment to the oldest still-active FPS franchise hits this week in the form of Wolfenstein: The New Order. However, as is all the rage (heh heh) these days, it’s not a true follow-up but more of a reboot/re-imagining of the series. Whatever…expect lots of Nazi zombie killing for your PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and/or Xbox One along with a beta of the upcoming Doom game (the first since the departure of id founder John Carmack, since moving on to more truly three-dimensional pastures).

If killing Nazi zombies isn’t your thing (weirdo), the latest entry in another long-running series might be more up your alley by way of Tropico 5, the tongue-in-cheek strategy franchise for PC (with Mac and consoles versions to follow sometime this year).

While the first two Drakengard games for PS2 didn’t exactly thrill critics OR move a ton of units, the series has had a strong enough following to warrant a third installment for PS3. Expect Drakengard 3 to have the same brand of ground-based hack-n-slash and aerial battles on the back of a dragon. And until someone can finally get a functioning Saturn emulator working on a modern system and get us that Holy Grail remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga…well, Drakengard is all we get, folks.

Also out this week: Transistor (PS4, PC); Fit Music for Wii U (duh); Sparkle 2 (PS4, Vita); Mugen Souls Z (PS3); Swords & Soldiers (Wii U); and R-Type Dimensions (PS3).