New Game Releases For April 7 – 12

This week, the mysterious Xbox 360 version of Titanfall – which Microsoft seemed to not want anyone to know existed – will finally be released. So if you don’t have an Xbox One but really wanted the game on console, you’ll finally be able enjoy the FPS/mech hybrid action. For Xbox One fans who want something to get the blood flowing back to their lower extremities between Titanfall marathons, they can grab Kinect Sports Rivals. You were already forced to pay extra for that Kinect, so you might as well buy games for it, right?

Also out for pretty much any system you’d want to play it on is LEGO: The Hobbit. The title says it all on that one.

The Wolf Among Us fans should be excited to finally get their hands on the long-awaited third episode to the series this week, entitled “A Crooked Mile.”

Parents with younger gamers even have a couple of options this week by way of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox Live Arcade, the 3DS title Disney Magical World, and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff for mobile devices. Okay, so one of those isn’t actually a kids game – if I have to tell you which one, hopefully you aren’t the member of your household who does the game buying for the children.

And finally, a few noteworthy retro releases this week: the classic PlayStation 2 RPG Persona 4 comes to PSN, and the Wii U’s Game Boy Advance library expands with the additions of the original Wario Ware game and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.