Top 5 Friday (Saturday): Gaming Franchises That Need A Reboot

Note:  Apologies for the delay, we had some technical difficulties so Top 5 Friday is actually Top 5 Saturday this week.

Last year, when Tomb Raider came out assumptions were (and rightly so) that it would be just another in a long string of sub-par Tomb Raider titles bent on syphoning the last few dollars from a dying franchise.  Instead what we got was not only a fantastic game, but a reinvigoration of a franchise that desperately needed it.  The Tomb Raider franchise is once again one whose releases will once again be met with excitement rather than indifference.  This got me thinking, what other franchises could use that same type of tender, loving care?

5.  Metal Gear Solid

First off, let me say that of the five franchises on this list, MGS is definitely the one in the least need of a reboot.  Secondly, I realize that if I put it any higher than five, Chris may very well quit the blog.

My reasoning for putting MGS on the list at all is simply that the story has grown a bit…convoluted.  If you’re like me and you’ve been of age to enjoy and understand the Metal Gear franchise for the last 10+ years, that’s great.  But if you’re a bit younger; a gamer who may have come into their own in the mid-2000’s, you will probably find jumping into the MGS franchise somewhat daunting.  A complete reboot would do nothing more than give some new fans a chance to experience what the rest of us already know is a cornerstone franchise for gaming.

4.  Warcraft

When World of Warcaft launched I’m not sure that Blizzard intended for the game to chew up and spit out every important piece of Warcraft-based lore there was.  Nevertheless, that’s what’s happened.  Deathwing – dead.  The Lich King – dead.  Illidan Stormrage – dead.  The vast of majority of important Azerothian characters have bitten the dust, leaving very little left for the franchise in a post WoW era.  So when those WoW servers finally get shut down some day, I think it will be time to press the reset button on the entire franchise.

3.  Castlevania

The resurgence in “Metroidvania” style games by indie developers gives some obvious credence to the idea that Castlevania had a very large impact on the direction of games as a whole.  Recently though, Castlevania games don’t seem to fit the mold that they helped create.  Much like Tomb Raider, Castlevania has strayed far from its roots, leaving much to be desired in its last several releases.  It’s time for Castlevania to return to its roots.  2D or 3D, it makes no difference, but give us a Castle, and a straightforward story, and let us explore again.

2.  Resident Evil

There was a time, not too long ago, when Resident Evil was a big deal.  Even as recently as Resident Evil 5, the franchise was regarded highly.  Sure, RE6 may have simply been a misstep, but I’m of the mind that it’s time for Resident Evil to get back to its survival-horror roots, the genre it practically created.  Perhaps this list is just me expressing my desire for nostalgia, but much like the longing for a Castlevania game set in a huge, explorable castle, I long for a Resident Evil game featuring a spooky house, limited ammo, and plenty of jump scares.

1.  Mega Man

If ever there was a franchise that needed to make a comeback, it’s Mega Man.  Lost from relevance for years now, the staple of many of our happy gaming memories has far too long sat on the shelf, collecting dust.  With its influence seemingly all over indie development these days, there’s never been a better time pour some resources into rebooting a franchise that could light the gaming world on fire once again.  Imagine a new Mega Man in beautiful, lovingly crafted 2D, complete with the stunning art and tight gameplay that made the series what it was in the first place.  Please Capcom…please.