Midwest Game Developers Summit Meets Kickstarter Goal; Tickets Still Available

After two years as the Wisconsin Game Developers Summit, event organizers decided to expand the scope to include a wider swath of the surrounding states for this year’s conference, and the Midwest Game Developers Summit was born. The move away from a Wisconsin-only conference meant forgoing a grant from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, so a Kickstarter campaign was launched to help fund the now less-inclusive event.

Just this past weekend, their goal of $8,000 was met, and the tally has continued to grow since. However, the campaign is still live until Friday at 3pm, and there is still a reason to contribute. $30 buys you a one-day pass to the event, and $60 gets you in for the whole weekend, with planned keynotes from members of Saints Row developer Volition and Chicago’s own The Amiable lined up so far with more to be announced later. So whether you are a local game developer who wants to polish up your skills through workshops, or you’re just a fan of local and indie game development and want to try some cool new games and meet their developers, get your tickets now – and maybe VIP lounge access if you want to splurge a bit.

The Midwest Game Developers Summit will be held from July 12-14 at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI (which is only about 2 hours from Chicago). And who knows: Maybe you’ll spot some Chi-Scroller staff milling around there, too. Most likely by the bar.