Mortal Monday: Kontinuity Errors

As Steve mentioned in his article about MK3’s story, the Mortal Kombat lore and canon can be a bit of a mess sometimes. Here is a look at a few of the funny little inconsistencies within the MK universe.

Where are they from, exactly?

Some characters have switched nationalities and/or accents as the series has gone on. For example, in Shaolin Monks, Liu Kang had an American-sounding speaking voice. In Mortal Kombat vs DCU, he suddenly had a heavy Asian accent. Kano was originally a Japanese-American until he was portrayal by an Australian actor in the first movie. He’s remained an Aussie ever since.

The Clone War

Mileena is supposed to be Kitana’s clone (with the exception of her Tartakan fangs), which was easy enough to pass off when they were just palette swaps. However, as the series has gone on and character designs have evolved, the two have become less “indentical” – and a clone should be a complete carbon copy of its source. 


Speaking of the vicious vixen , the pronounciation of her name – MILL-eena vs MUH-leena – not only changes from game to game, but is sometimes inconsistent within a single game.

You Can Call Me Ray, and You Can Call Me…

The name games don’t end there. Although “Raiden” is the official spelling of that character’s name, it has often been spelled as “Rayden” in various versions of the games (namely the Acclaim console ports through MK4) and in the two original movies. It has consistently remained the correct spelling from MK: Deception on.

“I’m here to avenge, um…what’s his name”

At least Mileena and Raiden HAVE names. We all know Sonya gets involved in the Mortal Kombat tournament when she follows Kano there after he murdered her partner. But who is this mysterious partner, and what is his name? It’s either Bill Van Hoven, Cliff LoDolce, or Wexler, depending on whether you believe the novelization of the MK movie, Jeff Rovin’s MK novel, or the animated series “Defenders of the Realm”.

Maybe They Need To Have “Protector of Earthrealm Idol”

In Liu Kang’s MK: Armageddon ending, he supposedly takes over the position of Protector of Earthrealm from Raiden. However, according to the events detailed in Mortal Kombat 4, Fujin had already done so, meaning he was technically the one holding that role from that game on. Fujin was meant to take Raiden’s place as a playable character – and in the game’s overall story – beginning with Deception, but due to fan complaints, he was put back in and remained in subsequent games. Raiden’s continued appearance alongside Fujin – rather than being replaced by him – is what eventually lead to the inconsistency in the events at the end of Armageddon.

Noob…I Am Your Brother

MK: Deception reveals that Noob Saibot is actually the ghost of the original Sub-Zero (the character named Sub-Zero beginning with MK2 is actually the original’s brother). This is also supposedly the first time the two meet or that Sub-Zero even knows Noob exists. However, in Shaolin Monks, which is said to take place concurrently with MK2, Sub-Zero is already aware of Noob.

These X-Rays Require A Closer Look

There are a few little quirks with the x-ray moves in MK9. Stryker’s X-ray move begins with him blinding his opponent with his flashlight. This works on Kenshi as well, even though it shouldn’t – he is blind. Kano’s face plate disappears when he’s on the receiving end of an X-ray move. When one is performed on Jax, bones can be seen in his arms even though they are supposedly 100% cybernetic.

Eh, However We Felt Like Drawing Him This Time

There has never been an explanation offered for the fluctuation between the humanoid and animalistic appearances of Reptile. It can’t even be assumed that he began as human and has been slowly evolving into the full reptile form, as some entries have seen a regression back to more human-like before going more lizardish the next time. Also, his blood is constantly changing back and forth between red and green from one game to the next.