New SteamOS and (maybe) Amazon Controllers Appear

Call it Fingering Friday…or maybe don’t. Either way, the internet was buzzing today about two new controllers: one real, one rumored.

The “real” controller is the updated version of the SteamOS gamepad, which Valve revealed today (pictured below). While the two circle touch pads remain, the middle pad was swapped out and replaced with two sets of four face buttons. The left set of buttons are labeled with the four directions, indicating their intended use as a makeshift d-pad, which will give users the option of both analog and digital directional control for their left thumb. Apparently Valve took a lesson from Sony, who also eventually abandoned a planned middle touch screen for their PlayStation 4 controller.

The “rumored” controller is a supposed image of a prototype controller for Amazon‘s (also rumored) upcoming set top box. The photos, courtesy of, show a very basic – and not especially attractive – controller that looks like the offspring of a drunken one night stand between an Xbox 360 controller and a Wii U Classic Controller Pro. I’m going to go ahead and predict that if this is real, it’s not going to be the final version.