New Game Releases For March 10th – 16th

There’s no doubt that all eyes – especially those of Microsoft, Sony, and Bobby Kotick – are on the release of Titanfall tomorrow. The Xbox One (console) exclusive is that platform’s biggest and most important release so far and will definitely play a large part in how the current-gen console wars shake out in the coming months. It’s also hitting PC.

Releasing in Titanfall‘s shadow are the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dark Souls II, and probably the only thing that can compete with the noise of Titanfall’s launch are the gamers screaming obscenities at the latest installment in the notoriously difficult Demon/Dark Souls series. The PS3 gets another new RPG tomorrow in the form of Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, which is the 15th game in the Atelier franchise. I didn’t even bother linking to the game’s website because, let’s be honest: If you were interested in it, you’ve already had it preordered for 6 months anyway.

Lest you PS4 owners think you’ve been forgotten, you also get a “T__fall” game to call your own tomorrow. The much-buzzed-about indie game Towerfall: Ascension will be tumbling it’s way to your hardware, as well as Steam.

On Friday, Nintendo graces us with Yoshi’s New Island for 3DS. It is the third installment in the wildly sporadic but well-received series – not counting the semi-sequel Yoshi’s Story for N64, which drags the franchise’s overall quality down a bit. But we are none of us perfect.

Rounding out the releases for the week are the PS3 version of liquidy puzzler Vessel, gravity-y puzzler Constant C for 360 and PC, and platformer Putty Squad for your PlayStation platform of choice.