Top 5 Friday: Notable Releases for 2014

5.  Tom Clancy’s: The Division (TBA)

Tom Clancy’s The Division made a pretty big splash at last year’s E3.  The action oriented MMO looked fantastic, and it could be the infusion of new gameplay that the MMO genre is so desperately in need of right now.  As of now, The Division’s release date is still up in the air, and it’s possible it may get pushed to 2015.  A Ubisoft product, The Division’s release may end up being tied to the financial performance of another title on this list, Watch Dogs.

4.  Titanfall (March 11, 2014)

When two senior members of Infinity Ward were unceremoniously fired, Respawn Entertainment was born, as was Titanfall.  A multiplayer only shooter, Titanfall is a bit of a strange play as Xbox’s killer app.  With no single player campaign to speak of, Titanfall will rely on it’s Call of Duty roots to attract the reflex-based FPS crowd.      At the release of this blog, Titanfall is 4 days away so get those trigger fingers ready.  With no Playstation release to speak of though, you’ll need either an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or a PC to get in on the giant robot shooting action.

3.  Zelda – Wii U (TBA)

With the slim Wii U sales numbers Nintendo has been suffering the next Legend of Zelda game looks to be big bet for 2014.  With no title, no footage, and no official announcement, it may turn out that we won’t end up seeing a new Zelda game in 2014.  Nintendo’s sales numbers as they are though, they’re going to need something if they want to stay relevant.  With reports that the development team on this new Zelda game is the largest ever, this would definitely be a something.

2.  Watch Dogs (May 27, 2014)

Potential.  That’s a word you see thrown around a lot when discussing I.  Cut from the same cloth as another well known Ubisoft franchise, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs could be to this generation what AC was to the last.  Promising free-form gameplay and the world’s coolest city as a playground (we’re talking about Chicago, obviously) potential is definitely a word that should be used in regards to Watch Dogs.  That said, the game has some big shoes to fill if it’s to meet all it’s promises.  We’ll find out in a few months though.

1.  Destiny (September 9, 2014)

The last time Bungie introduced us to a franchise, the world witnessed the birth of Halo.  Perhaps that was a fluke.  Perhaps Bungie just stumbled on that perfect formula.  Destiny looks an awful lot like a product ready to raise the bar though.  Destiny, from what is known about it so far, will be some type of single-player / MMO hybrid.  Billed as a “shared-world shooter” it seems as though players will be able to seamlessly drop in and out of cooperative events, choosing to adventure solo or in a party when the mood strikes.  If Bungie can capture that lightning in a bottle again, then we’re in for a hell of a ride come September 9th.