Mortal Monday: The Best MK Commercials

The first commercial on our list was one of those commercials that got you excited every single time it came on TV, even if it was once every commercial break for your 2 hour after school cartoon block for a month straight. It is also the first use of the famous “Mortal Kombat Scream”, as well as the origin of the name of our weekly MK feature. So enjoy, and don’t be surprised if you feel your teenage self come alive a bit. Not really a “great” commercial, and certainly the weakest of the bunch featured here, but it’s place in both MK and in video game commercial history cannot be denied. Also, remember how when the video game violence controversy erupted, game makers tried to claim that they weren’t marketing adult games directly to children? Oops…

This Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance ad is one of several MK commercials that play on the theme of there being an MK character – or that MK itself – is “inside” us. Needless to say, this spot was a bit controversial. My personal favorite of the group.

Continuing with that theme, here’s a spot for MK: Deception that takes a similar – though less bloody – approach.

And finally, this awesome ad for MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero. It’s got the feel of a 90’s Nine Inch Nails or Tool music video. Too bad the game itself wasn’t half this cool.