Mortal Monday #9: My Top 5 Favorite Characters

Mortal Monday is a chance for Chris and I to share our unabashed love for one of Chicago’s greatest contributions to gaming.  I have to admit though, that going over all of that lore for the first several weeks just got my wheels turning to cover other Mortal Monday topics.  Last week I gave you my top 10 personal favorite fatalities.  In keeping with that theme, this week will be my top 5 favorite characters.

5.  Raiden

When I was a kid I fell in love with Raiden for three reasons.  First, he had a cool name, he shot lightning, and his hat was totally bad ass.  What can I say, I like heroes with cool hats.  Some might argue that Liu Kang has always been the seminal “good guy” of the series but that’s hardly fair to Raiden’s role in the Mortal Kombat mythos.  Without his guidance the champions of Earthrealm never really stood a chance in any of the MK tournaments.  That said, Raiden is a different kind of good guy; he’s a watchful protector, a silent guardian…a dark knight.

4.  Kano

I can’t help but love Kano.  Every story needs a good dickhead, and he fills that role perfectly.  Kano never seems to be out for anyone but Kano, and he never truly seems to get his comeuppance.  Plenty of the other more “evil” bad guys do, but Kano just seems to weasel his way out of every rough situation.  Also, he has a laser eye.

3.  Kung Lao

I told you, I like heroes with hats, and Kung Lao’s hat is probably the best hat every worn by any hero ever.  Besides the hat though, I’ve always enjoyed that Kung Lao always seems to have something to prove.  While some might say that he simply exists in Liu Kang’s shadow, I personally think that Kung Lao is a far deeper and more interesting character.

2.  Baraka

I know that he’s an evil, war-mongering barbarian, but Baraka is just so cool looking.  Obviously he’s got the super-sweet retractable sword arms going on, but he’s also got that pretty smile that makes all the ladies swoon.  I won’t lie, I like Baraka mostly for looks, I know I’m shallow.  His story isn’t that special within the overall mythos, but man he’s cool.  Plus, he’s your man if you ever need a hedge trimmed.

1.  Quan Chi

There are a lot of characters introduced after the original trilogy that never really got a lot of traction.  Some were too weird, some too silly.  Quan Chi, on the other hand, while not part of the original trilogy, is still the greatest villain in the MK universe.  Shang Tsung is an alright villain, but Shang Tsung is seen in the MK universe largely as a failure.  He fails in the first MK tournament, and again in the second.  Shao Kahn is a more powerful villain, but his character development is almost non-existent.  He starts out as a crazed tyrant, and stays one.  Quan Chi, on the other hand, seems to constantly be one step ahead of everyone.  Slippery as a snake, and just as venomous, he can never be trusted and never be underestimated.   He’s also got the coolest voice in the MK universe.