Kickstarter Watch: RiCharge

Even though he’s only 19, Muhammad Khan has already been honing his game development skills for the past five years. Last year, he launched Scarlet Moon Games and decided to start on his path to game development as a full time career. He’s hoping that RiCharge, his first full fledged game, is the first step on that path (and away from the grind of clothing retail).

As the title suggests, RiCharge takes place in a cyber world of electronics and digital components. Gameplay consists of navigating mazes in environments that look like the inside of a computer or circuit board. You maneuver through the stages collecting power ups and avoiding lasers and other traps as you seek out the exit. This would be challenging enough on its own, but all of the levels in RiCharge are blanketed in darkness. Only a small lighted circle around your avatar and the bits of light given off by enemies offer any relief from the blackout. This wrinkle also makes keeping your bearings within the mazes and not hitting the same dead end multiple times more difficult than it would’ve been in well-lit environments. With the emphasis on mazes, the pellet-liked collectibles, and the limited field of vision, it actually reminded me a bit of Pac-Man Vs, or the Luigi’s Mansion-inspired segment of NintendoLand (which is basically Pac-Man Vs without the license).

Muhammad says he plans to release the game whether he reaches his funding goal or not, and with that goal being a mere $100, it’s clear that the success or failure of the Kickstarter campaign isn’t going to make or break RiCharge‘s chances at hitting Windows at least. But he is hoping for the funding boost to also bring the game to iOS and Android. More generous backers will also get to be a part of the development process, serving as QA testers for the game and even being able to contribute level ideas and music. So if you’d like to not only see RiCharge reach its full intended scope but also get to assist in its creation, you still have 19 days as of this writing to make your pledge.