Kickstarter Watch: Kamodo Steve

When consoles and PCs of the mid 90’s became powerful enough to showcase fancy three-dimensional polygonal worlds, many were quick to predict the inevitable end of 2D gaming. Here we are, nearly 20 years later, and 2D games are as prevalent as ever, both in the indie space as well as in big-budget, AAA game development. Platformers in particular have seemed to revert back to being a largely 2D genre, and local developer and 3D artist Matt Board is throwing his hat into that ring with his passion project, Kamodo Steve.

Though Matt describes the game as a “3D adventure platformer”, that third dimension is purely for background purposes – gameplay is of the 2D side-scroller variety, a hybrid often referred to as “2.5D”. Visually, the game is reminiscent of Shadow Complex, and like that title there is an emphasis on firearms. At first glance, it seems to differ from Shadow Complex in what appears to be a more light-hearted, almost Duke Nukem-esque vibe. But that fun, stylistic surface belies a deeper, more serious story about pollution and disease, culled from Matt’s real life experience with cancer-diagnosed loved ones. His other inspirations for the game cast a wide net, ranging from the real Erin Brokovich, to author Hunter S. Thompson, to…The Tick.

Despite the diverse and heavy themes, Matt still promises a game that, at its core, is a fun, entertaining experience. And he has taken that promise to Kickstarter, where he hopes to reach his funding goal of $50,000 by December 29th. So if the concept of a fun 2.5D platformer that has you on a mission to do a lot more than just blow stuff up, Kamodo Steve is worth keeping your eye on.