Video of the Week: Chicago 1929 (Unreleased Arcade Game)

The year 1929 was an interesting one for Chicago and America as a whole. Locally, it was when the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre took place. It was also the year of the Wall Street crash that kicked off the Great Depression. So what better setting for a silly driving game!

Not much solid information is known about Sammy’s Chicago 1929. Some reports say it was never released and only exists as a prototype, while another suggests it was released to arcades in 2004, even listing a specific month for this so-called release (March). And since the video game industry is so (not) awesome at chronicling things, it’s likely that the relative hearsay of a small handful of internet commentators is about as official of a word on this game as we’re ever going to get.

Luckily, YouTube user “NeoGeoProtos” somehow found himself in possession of a playable version of the game and uploaded footage of it, which we have shared here. I don’t know how much additional work was planned for this game, or if what we see is what we were going to get, but about all that it seems to consist of is driving around a rather small and extremely loose interpretation of Chicago basically smashing into other cars for points. What’s there actually seems like it had the potential  to be a fun little game in the vein of Crazy Taxi. If only they had been able to finish development on the minigame where you run down members of the mob. Too soon?