Complete (?) Chicago Developer Directory

One of the things we’d like to function as here at The Chi-Scroller is a resource for the Chicago gaming scene. We don’t feel there currently exists too many complete listings of things like local game developers, independent game stores, arcades, game design programs, coworking spaces, gaming clubs, and so on. So as we roll on we are going to rectify that – and strive to be your one stop for complete listings and directories of that nature.

There wouldn’t be a “game scene” here at all if it wasn’t for so many people making games all over the city and surrounding area. So we’ve compiled a list of as many developers as we could think of, which you can view here. We aren’t claiming it to be complete at this moment, but we’d like it to be, so in addition to us continuing to research it, we would also like your help. If you know of ANY omissions, big or small, please let us know. In addition, if you are one of the developers we’ve already listed, and we got any information wrong, or you’d like different games listed as your selected gameography, we’re all ears on that, too. As I said, we want this to be the most comprehensive listing of Chicagoland developers in existence, and we would like your help in accomplishing that. So please reach out to us with any suggestions, changes, comments, or anything else you would like to see on a directory like this.

We’re also currently compiling a listing of local arcades, which we should have posted soon. Any other listings you’d like to see, we’re open to hearing from you on that as well.

And again, the developer directory can be found here, and will always be easily clickable from the site’s navigation bar.