This week In Steve (11-12-2013)

I had big plans this weekend, but my body decided that I should just have the Bubonic plague rather than doing anything.  By about Friday evening I was completely down for the count, and didn’t really emerge from my Nyquil coma until about midway through Monday.  It was a great three day weekend; exactly what I was hoping for.

On Monday, when I finally felt better, I decided to get up and try and play a little of something.  For what felt like an eternity I browsed my Steam library, looking for something to play.  Nothing was jumping out at me though, and my previous week’s trip to the Emporium Arcade Bar had wet my appetite for some old-school fare.  Then it struck me; I should go download an NES emulator!  Yeah yeah, I know.  I probably shouldn’t do that.  The games are like twenty years old though, and I sure as hell don’t still have my original NES.

So about ten minutes later, I was enmeshed in some serious Tecmo Super Bowl action.  Of course I chose the Pro-bowl option, so within thirty seconds, Bo Jackson had taken to the house on me.  I managed to tie it up with Montana throwing a second down hail mary though.  That game has eight plays, and I’m convinced that seven of them are useless.  With four downs, it really just means four chances to lob one up there.  I kicked off with Morten Anderson (who might still be playing, he never seemed to age), and within another two plays QB Bills had thrown a bomb to Andre Reed.  At some point I stopped caring if I even won, I just wanted to see all the old player names.  I also played a bit of Contra before calling it a day as far as the NES went.

With the little other non-sick time I had this week, I managed to give the 1.2 update of Terraria a try and it seems like they’ve done a whole lot to give that game some new life.  It was a great game to begin with, but now it feels like there is just so much more going on.  A lot of what I noticed right off the bat were silly additions like zombies wearing rain gear and carrying umbrellas (when it’s raining of course).  There were also some new critters, like penguins and squirrels.  I’m assuming that there tons of things I’ve yet to see, because people seem to be raving about all the new additions.  I was never the world’s biggest Terraria enthusiast, but I did enjoy the hell out of that game for several hours, so it’s nice to know that I can come back to it seriously at some point and find something new to do.

Friday is the PS4 launch and I’ve been warring with myself as to whether or not I want to get one.  I mean eventually I WILL get one, it’s just a question of whether or not I want to drop the money for one on launch day.  The only game that I would be truly interested in is Assassin’s Creed 4, and that’s coming to PC in two weeks.  So I can either spend $60.00 for that game, or spend $500.00+ for that game.  That said, the PS4 has some really cool features, seems to be the superior console hardware-wise, and has more compelling exclusives, so I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and get the thing, so that I know it’s there and available when the Uncharted game comes out.  But with black Friday almost upon us I’m just so torn; DAMN YOU UNNECESSARY ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE!  Oh and also, there’s the Xbox One to consid…LOL, let’s not be silly here guys.