Current Game Job Openings In the Chicago Area

There are generally three types of gamers: Those who play games, those who play AND make games, and those who play and WANT to make games. Should you happen to fall into the third category, or you’re already in game development and just want a change of scenery, here is a listing of some of the job openings currently available at a few local game companies. This is something we plan to do periodically, so if you are even a passive game job seeker we’ll try to save you a slog through the job sites. And of course, if you work for a game company and want to notify us of openings, hiring events, career fairs, etc, please don’t hesitate to do so!

(Email resume to

  • Lead Engineer
  • Games Engineer
  • Framework/Tool Engineer


NetherRealm Studios

(Apply directly through website)

  • Mid-Senior Level Sound Designer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Associate Artist, Mobile
  • Senior Designer
  • Senior Artist (multiple positions available)


Raw Thrills

(Email resume to

  • Electronics/Computer Engineer
  • 3D Game Programmer


High Voltage Software
(Email resume and link to portfolio to
*Jobs marked with an asterisk have immediate openings

  • Animator
  • Audio Designer
  • Character Modeler
  • Concept Artist
  • Designer
  • Designer Assistant
  • Environment Modeler
  • Associate Producer
  • Engine Programmer*
  • Game Programmer*
  • Graphics Programmer*
  • Tool Programmer*
  • UI Programmer*
  • QA Tester
  • UI Artist
  • Video Editor
  • VFX Artist


Incredible Technologies
(Email resume to or fax to (847) 780-0120)

  • Full-time QA Tester