Video of the Week: “Slam City With Scottie Pippen” (SPOILERS!)

Oh, you thought Michael Jordan was the only Chicago Bulls superstar with his own game? During that (mercifully short-lived) stretch in the mid-90’s when “FMV games” tried to be a thing, Digital Pictures – one of the, ahem, biggest names in the genre – put out an FMV one-on-one basketball game starring Scottie Pippen. After working your way up through the ranks and besting the other four superstars of Slam City, you (as “Ace”) are given the honor of a match against the man himself, which you will see below.

The gameplay itself is standard, awful FMV fare. But don’t worry, it only compromises a small amount of the video. It is worth watching for the lead-up to the match – including Nike product placement so in-your-face that it’s a wonder the game wasn’t called Nike Presents Slam City with Scottie Pippen Sponsored by Nike – and the closing credits, which feature “Respect (The Theme From Slam City)”, rapped by…yep, you guessed it.

“I hope you’re ready, for slam slam slam city.”