Indie Game Dev Meetup, Sunday 10-20.

I want to make games.  I want to write about games.  I want to be a part of the gaming community here in Chicago.  That desire has led me on this epic quest to attend every gaming related event that I can find.  The latest was the Chicago Indie Game Developers Association meet up on Sunday.  A fairly small group, there were roughly 10 of us there, packed in a slightly cramped conference room at the Arlington Heights library.

We introduced ourselves, shared about our experiences, some of our goals, and generally just congregated.  The group is very welcoming, and bringing show-and-tell style work is especially encouraged.  The people there were diverse in both their interests and their expertise, and all were happy to participate in discussion, give feedback, and share advice.  On this day, one of the members shared a few games recently published to the Windows 8 store.  Another member also brought some board game prototypes, so the meeting wasn’t just limited to video games.

In all, this meetup is a great place to touch base with other developers.  If you’re not a dev, and you’re just interested in getting involved in the community, you’re still welcome.  Feedback for show-and-tell type of work is always desired there, so even if you’re just interested in seeing what people from around the community are working on, it’s still worth a visit.