Phosphor’s Nether Is Now Available For Pre-Order

What better way to spend Halloween than blasting demonically transformed human beings in a post-apocalyptic Chicago? Well, if you pre-order the upcoming PC survival action title Nether, you could get access to the game as early as October 31st. Not only that, but you’ll also get guest keys that give either three or five of your friends (depending on the package you buy) 72-hours of gameplay. Pre-orders are being taken directly through Phosphor Game Studios’ website, so head on over there and get your All Hallow’s Eve plans in order.

Don’t worry, the half-naked women usually go out the weekend before Halloween. So you can still also be awkwardly twerked* on by all the classy ladies dressed like Miley Cyrus if missing that was a concern.

*I promise that’s the first and last twerking reference you will ever see on this blog.