This Week in Steve.

I don’t own a console currently (yes, I’m aware that I’m writing for a GAMING blog), so while all you happy little console owners were flooding reddit with pictures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, I was stuck in front of my PC like this. But sometimes life throws you a bone; a hilarious, over-the-top type of bone in the shape of Saints Row IV.

I loved Saints Row the Third.  I played that game all the way through on co-op with my fiancé and we had an absolute blast.  So when the GTA V gates opened, and the internet flooded with a river of joyous tears, I knew that Saints Row IV would help hold back the sorrow of missing it, at least for now.

Both my fiancé and I picked up SR-IV and immediately jumped back into good ole Steelport.  Well, it’s not the exact same Steelport, but I won’t ruin it for you.  We don’t really do reviews here, but if we did, I’d highly recommend this game, especially if you’re in the ‘I can’t play GTA V’ club.  It’s typical Saints Row fare, although they seemed to have set dial on the ridiculousness meter even higher than in previous games.   It’s really hard not to enjoy this games’ nutty charm, even if it is completely crass.  Oh…and it has a gun that shoots black holes.

When I wasn’t playing SR-IV (read: in the bathroom), I managed to get completely hooked on Nimblebit’s “Pocket Trains”.  The guys who made Tiny Tower seem to have done it again, using their adorable art style to draw me in to their deceptively complex and well-crafted time-suck of a game.  At one point, I found myself lying in bed playing the game on my iPad, whilst the trains on my iPhone were busy moving from station to station.  That’s right, one copy of “Pocket Trains” wasn’t nearly enough to satiate my hunger.

In other “what I did last week” related news, the new Fox show “Sleepy Hollow” is awesome and you should watch it.  It’s dark, weird, quirky and more than a little bit creepy, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.  Plus, Orlando Jones.  Also, Lady Gaga’s new song seems to have bored a permanent hole somewhere deep in my frontal lobe because it just never goes away…ever.  It’s a fine song but come on brain, all day?  Really?